Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pasta Carbonara: Trying to teach my kid sister to eat her vegetable

My kid sister hates vegetables. In fact, the only vegetable she would eat is mushroom. So, the last time I made Pasta Carbonara for a friend, I was a bit surprised when my mother told me that she ate the carrots too (I usually put away some for my family). It must be the Parmesan!

Well, you see, when I was preparing the sauce, I noticed that the taste of the sausage is overpowering the Carbonara. I didn't like it. So, I put in a lot of Parmesan Cheese to cover the taste of sausage. It worked! Now, my kid sister is able to eat those carrots as the taste of those carrots has disappeared because of the Parmesan. (I'm not sure if that's a good thing, though...)

This time, I wanted to try and make her eat some of the broccoli, and put them in into the Pasta. It didn't work though... She removed the broccoli, and I had to finish them up for her. Oh well, I'll try to find some recipe where she would eat those vegetables... (I don't get it... Why do kids these days hates vegetables?)

Any recommended recipe, anyone?

1 comment:

  1. bukan kids these days je. kita dulu kecik2 pun benci sayor..haha



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