Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cupcake 101

I have always sucks in piping. So, last month, I signed up for December cupcake 101 class by Cake Connection (their class was much more cheaper from the other companies). I asked my brother if he wanted to sponsor me to go to the cupcake class, and he did :D I didn't really want to go alone, so I had my friend, Azizah to sign up as well. After all, she was still in vacation.

 This is my final 6 cupcakes! How is it?

The class was fun! Well, I get to learn a few new tips which I never learn in my culinary school. Plus, the instructor was really friendly and helpful. We got to learn a few piping tricks like rosette, star, balloons, letters, hydrangea, and leaves. I finally learn how do they makes their cake flat!

Azizah decorate these next 6 cakes. She said that decorating them looks really easy, but no, not really. I'm glad that my friend enjoyed the class too.


  1. OMG. BEST GILAAAA!! JELES GILAAAA!! CANTEK GILAAA!! ARGH..GILA DIRIKU! HAHAH. how much intan for the fees??????

  2. How much.. RM95. Ok la kan kalau nak banding dgn wilton? Nnt dpt 3 piping bag + 3 nozzle skali :)

  3. 2 jam stengah x silap? dari pukul 10.30 smpai 1 tghari :)



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