Monday, October 4, 2010

Double Pops!

Lovely Cake Pops and Blue Monster Cake Pops. Which one did you like the best?

I bought a packet of Oreo a few days ago. I saw this Oreo truffles on Bakerella sometimes ago, and I thought of making them today. This was the easiest version of pops and truffles. All you need is a packet of Oreo cookies, 125g of frosting (I like cream cheese frosting) and some chocolate or candy melts for coating.

Oreo truffles on board, ready for the dipping process

First, finely crush those cookies in a food processor. Add in the cream cheese and combine them well. Roll them into a ball and set aside. Melt the chocolate or candy melt, and start dipping! Set them aside on a cookie sheet to dry. Sprinkle them with your favorite sprinkles! How simple is that?

I think this one will look pretty for a wedding too~

I made some white Oreo pops using white chocolate (Candy melts is a little bit expensive in my country). I seems to always fail in melting them. Seriously, how do I melt them right? Then, I attached the jumbo red heart sprinkle, and drizzle them with some strawberry flavored chocolate (Thank god the strawberry flavored was easier to work with).

Oh~ an angry monster on the left!

I intended to make some blue colored cake pops. So I added in some blue coloring into the white chocolate. However, I accidentally add in too much, making it much more harder to work with. I don't want to waste any of them, so I coated the pops, took a toothpick, and start drizzling and dabbing the pops with the blue colored chocolate (head over to bakerella to learn how to drizzle and dab them). Now, nobody is going to notice that I'm suck at coating with white chocolate XD

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