Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Culinary Moment #1

I'm thinking of starting a few post of my culinary moments. It's going to be fun, and silly (since I was an idiot when it comes to food. It does't matter that I had a bachelor degree in culinary art, I'm still an idiot)

I still remember the first time I went into the kitchen (or class) back in 2005. I was wondering around looking for our kitchen class with a few friends, including Aimi from burb! le festin avec moi. We were all naïve (Okay, I’m not sure about my other friend, but I was pretty naïve back then (and still do)).

The first class (pastry) was kind of fun. My lecturer was really sweet and kind. My classmate and I (there were +30 of us) had to jam packed into one small class. Watching demonstration from my lecturer was quite hard though…

But, I was really looking forward to class, not knowing that I’ve signed in for something tough which includes a back-stabbing, harsh world that makes me and my fellow classmates cursed a lot! (chuckles)

1 comment:

  1. hi nashnordin, this looks more like a student pic, cos your chii is greeeeen in color. ha ha, must be fun going through culinary school and
    I think its a great idea to blog on it.



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