Friday, July 9, 2010

Experimenting: Ice on Patties

I went out with a friend yesterday. It was nearly 7p,m when I get back, and I hurriedly went to the kitchen. I was in charge of cooking dinner.  I was thinking of making some beef patties as my brother said he wanted to try them (the last time I made them, he was away from home), but I wasn't so sure about the starch and vegetables.

I looked up in my recipe books, and decided to try for garlic rice and salsa. Since I was a bit lazy to think of the vegetables, I added some carrots and french bean to the salsa.

In a Japanese drama called Otomen, there's an episode where the main character, Asuka teach how to cook the patties. Ice cubes were put on top and the side of the patties. Then, cover the pan, to allow them to cook with its own juice. I was thinking on experimenting them, and the patties turned out great!

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