Monday, July 12, 2010

Picnic at Sungai Gabai, Hulu Langat

My friends and I went for a picnic a few days ago. We wanted to have fun at a waterfall spot after having so much fun barbecuing at Gold Coast, Sepang. My friend suggested us to go to Sungai Gabai which is located in Hulu Langat. I was a bit excited as I haven't visit any waterfall spot for years.

We had to climb all the way up! My friend said that the scenery is way better up there, and we could go for waterfall sliding! We didn't get the chance to try for the water sliding, however. It was crowded with lots of people! But it was fun watching them trying out various stunts, while snacking.

I bought some Black Pepper Chicken and Mushroom in Pitas, Beef Meatballs (which is requested by Jijah.) and some Sarawak's Layered Cheese Cake for desserts.

Jijah bought some Curry Puff, Fried Chicken, and some Macaroni (which is made by her mother). Those macaroni looked and tasted good! We loved it!

Qilla bought some sardine sandwiches, which is prepared by her mother. A must have snack while picnicking! :D

Ina bought some Chicken Croquettes. It tasted good too! I couldn't really tell what's the ingredients, though...

I went back to our spot after playing in the water and was shocked when I saw a snake nearby! The snake was pretty though... It was blue in color and its head and tails was orange. We decided to wait until the snake disappear, went back to our spot, pack up our things, and go back home.


  1. sarawak layered cheese cake? wow. rajinnya buat

  2. x buat pun, nady..
    adik saya pergi sarawak ari tu.
    dia bwk balik :D



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