Thursday, September 30, 2010

Experimenting: Kimchi Omelet

I still have some kimchi left in my jar. I thought it would be good if I try and experimenting something in my kitchen again using kimchi. I thought that kimchi omelet would be nice.

First, I beat an egg with some salt and pepper. Then, I beat in some kimchi in the egg batter. Then, I melt some butter into a frying pan. Then, I pour the egg mixture into the center of the pan. It's not good. It's not easy to flip the the egg and kimchi mixture. And I am not really good in flipping my omelet too. In the end, the omelet became a kimchi scramble egg. I think, the kimchi let its juice out. Thus, making it hard for me to flip them. But the good thing is that the spiciness of kimchi is reduced when I beat the egg and kimchi together.

The inside of the kimchi omelet

Second, I beat an egg with some salt and pepper. Then, I melt a knob of butter into a frying pan, and pour the egg into the center of the pan. I flip the omelet to cook them on both side, and flip them again. Then, I scoop a spoonful of kimchi, and add it on the center of the egg, and fold them. It's much more easier than the first experiment :) Serve them in a plate, and pour some kimchi's juice on top of the egg. It taste good with hot steamed rice too!

Happy Experimenting!

P.S - I didn't have the picture of the first experiment. It doesn't look really good

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  1. kimchi? sedap! time2 x de lauk, mkn dgn nasik panas, tlur goreng n kicap pun sedap :D

  2. okeyh :-? x pernah try. din hates japanese food T_T



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