Sunday, October 10, 2010

Teddy Cake

Teddy Cake

There is a few stories behind this awkward looking teddy cake. 

First: it was my friend's birthday. I was thinking of giving her a cake as a birthday present. I was thinking of something big.  My friend, Ina lives 20 minutes away from me. You see, last year, I told her that I made her some cakes for her birthday. She then told me she would come to pick up the cake. She wanted to come by with a motorcycle. But then, her mother told her to use the car, thinking that it might be a big cake. When she arrived, I handed her this:

Chocolate Cupcakes

9 pieces of mini chocolate cupcakes! Somehow, I feel like I should give her a bigger cakes this year.

Second: When my cousin visited my house, she gave me this:

A present form my faraway cousin :)

Yes, that teddy cake mould, and a decorating set! My mother and I thought that we should definitely bake some cakes using this mould, and show some picture of the cake to her.

Third: I was thinking of covering the cake with some butter cream. I've seen some picture, and I thought that I should give it a try. Then, I remembered that I told my brother I'm going to make some fondant cake, and post some picture here. I didn't have enough ingredients to make some fondant, so I opt for marshmallow fondant. 

Fourth: I was thinking of making my own marshmallow. So, I put in some sugar, corn syrup, and honey into the pot, and start boiling them. However, I've forgotten about them for a bit, and the syrup hardened in the pot. I have to add in some hot boiling water to get them out.

What on earth is that?

Yes, that thing is the hardened syrup that I managed to scoop out from the pot. It looks like some broken plates. At this point, I was thinking that maybe I should learn sugar molding~

Anyway, I've managed to prepare my marshmallow fondant, and covered the cake.

Teddy Cake without decoration

I was thinking that I wanted to draw the teddy eyes, and write down 'Happy Birthday' using the edible pen marker.

Food Writer

My  mother brought me these to encourage me to bake. However, as I started to write 'H', it didn't came out as I wanted it to be. So, I had to change my plan, and began to make some royal icing.

Final product

And this is how it looks like~ The piping process with royal icing didn't go as smooth as I expected. But hey, this looks pretty okay for a first timer, right? I delivered this cake to my friend yesterday, and she was surprised to see such a big cake! Perhaps she was expecting something small like what I gave her last year XD

Cupcakes with roses

I had some extra cakes batter, and I made them into cupcakes!

P.S/ Thank you Kak Faridah for that teddy cake mould, and the decorating set X)



  2. miu nak main2 ape? fondant ka? XD
    jom wat cupcake camp! <-- jeles tgk org laen buat

  3. jom jom!!!!! mak suruh msuk kelas. tp tu lah, kite tgh sengkek!!

  4. Awak tu sengkek sbb bli byk sgt novel, k?

  5. uwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaa!!!!nash so sweeeeeeeeeettttttttt..make myself want to cry 100 litres of tear :'(..i really appreciate what u've done to that cute bear >.< came by motorcyle?? (awak still ingat eh)..i'm impress!!;p'

  6. XD
    kte mmg slalu ingt little details? :P

  7. aiyo. itu tambah pengetahuan am..hahahah ;p

  8. you're welcome Intan. Camni bole bukak buisness..hehe.. :))

  9. Kak Faridah: kne praktis dlu bru bole bukak bisnes



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