Sunday, October 10, 2010

Teddy Cake

Teddy Cake

There is a few stories behind this awkward looking teddy cake. 

First: it was my friend's birthday. I was thinking of giving her a cake as a birthday present. I was thinking of something big.  My friend, Ina lives 20 minutes away from me. You see, last year, I told her that I made her some cakes for her birthday. She then told me she would come to pick up the cake. She wanted to come by with a motorcycle. But then, her mother told her to use the car, thinking that it might be a big cake. When she arrived, I handed her this:

Chocolate Cupcakes

9 pieces of mini chocolate cupcakes! Somehow, I feel like I should give her a bigger cakes this year.

Second: When my cousin visited my house, she gave me this:

A present form my faraway cousin :)

Yes, that teddy cake mould, and a decorating set! My mother and I thought that we should definitely bake some cakes using this mould, and show some picture of the cake to her.

Third: I was thinking of covering the cake with some butter cream. I've seen some picture, and I thought that I should give it a try. Then, I remembered that I told my brother I'm going to make some fondant cake, and post some picture here. I didn't have enough ingredients to make some fondant, so I opt for marshmallow fondant. 

Fourth: I was thinking of making my own marshmallow. So, I put in some sugar, corn syrup, and honey into the pot, and start boiling them. However, I've forgotten about them for a bit, and the syrup hardened in the pot. I have to add in some hot boiling water to get them out.

What on earth is that?

Yes, that thing is the hardened syrup that I managed to scoop out from the pot. It looks like some broken plates. At this point, I was thinking that maybe I should learn sugar molding~

Anyway, I've managed to prepare my marshmallow fondant, and covered the cake.

Teddy Cake without decoration

I was thinking that I wanted to draw the teddy eyes, and write down 'Happy Birthday' using the edible pen marker.

Food Writer

My  mother brought me these to encourage me to bake. However, as I started to write 'H', it didn't came out as I wanted it to be. So, I had to change my plan, and began to make some royal icing.

Final product

And this is how it looks like~ The piping process with royal icing didn't go as smooth as I expected. But hey, this looks pretty okay for a first timer, right? I delivered this cake to my friend yesterday, and she was surprised to see such a big cake! Perhaps she was expecting something small like what I gave her last year XD

Cupcakes with roses

I had some extra cakes batter, and I made them into cupcakes!

P.S/ Thank you Kak Faridah for that teddy cake mould, and the decorating set X)


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