Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sarawak Layered Cake Charlotte

I made an attempt to prepare Strawberry Charlotte with Swiss Rolls. It didn't looked too good. My bowl wasn't deep enough, and the Swiss Rolls was sliced thickly. The strawberry filling was good, however.

So, when I see those Sarawak Layered Cake in the fridge, I was thinking of making a Charlotte again - using the layer cake. The cake was chocolate layered. I thought chocolate filling would be good!

They definitely looked good compared to my first Charlotte. I was smitten with this one. It wasn't too sweet, but the chocolate filling was really good. Somehow, I feel like I could gain a few kilos from eating this. Yes, it was that good~

The recipe is as below:


  1. woah!!! first time tgk charlotte guna kek lapis. salute!!!!!!! memang lg cantik & kemas kan? psl kek lapis tu semulajd padat..hehe. nice!!

  2. Perlu menggunakan bhn yg baki2 kat umah je XD Kalau guna kek lapis kale2 tu, lg smart mungkin?



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