Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pastillage Box for Engagement.

Last Wednesday was definitely very tiring. I've received an order of 30 pieces of chocolate from a friend of my brother. Plus, a box for the chocolate. The customer actually wanted a box made of chocolate, but I explained that I didn't have the mold for that, and suggested a pastillage box instead.

Well, I've made the box before while I'm in my advance pastry class. I thought it might be a good idea to practice again. After all, practice makes perfect ;)

The customer asked for a white box with some orange ribbons. I've never made any ribbons before. So, I searched on youtube on how to make ribbons. I purposely add a bit of pink butterflies and love all over the box too. Well, my lecturer did mentioned that tricolors looks more appealing.

But then, the customer think that those love and butterflies are a bit crowded. So, I removed the side decoration and some decoration on top. I think it looks pretty this way too. And I had to agree that the box did looked overcrowded with those butterflies and love. Well, what did you guys think? I think I definitely had to work more on my piping. They're sloppy, right?


  1. gila hebat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nak tempah boleh? tema purple violet..hihihihi ;p

  2. kena tengok saiz coklat/macarron yg akan dibeli nnt. ingat nak masukkan dalam tu? :-?

  3. Oh.. gitu. Nnt papehal, bgtau je la ye? :)

  4. intan, kite konpem amek ye..hihi. nak purple2 violet ye :P

  5. Ok je.. nnt bgtau size ye? :D btw, happy new year~

  6. Meaning, miu nak saiz kotak tu besar mana?
    kotak yg ni, 15cm x 10cm x 7cm x silap kte...

  7. i see...yg tu kena ukur bekas hantaran dulu la. nnt kite msg



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