Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eating Out: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Velvet Cake

I was craving for some chocolate cake the other day. So, my friend said she would treat me some after I accompanied her to Daiso. Anyway, while looking around from shop to shop for the chocolate cake, I noticed the velvet cake in Coffee Bean, and decided to try them (instead of having chocolate cake). Well, I've never tried any velvet cake except for the one that I made myself. I thought this might be a good opportunity to try them. And boy, I was quite disappointed. The cake isn't moist enough, and that coconut sprinkled around the cake is kind of distracting. I can't really taste the cheese frosting!

My friend had some Macadamia Yogurt Cheese Cake! They were really, really good at first bite. The cheese was melting, and it was really, really great. But after a while, they went really, really sweet, and my tooth started to hurt. I'm not sure if I wanted to go to Coffee Bean for another cake.

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