Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eating Out: Garden Recipe

My friends and I found into this restaurant during our visit to Malacca. The restaurant looks cute (like a perfect spot to take more pictures!). We were hungry. Thus, we decided to try this restaurant.  We thought that this restaurant would served the usual kopitiam dishes. But we were wrong. Garden Recipe served healthy and delicious food.

I got myself a French Style Fried Rice. This fried rice were made of brown rice. It's served with soup, shredded vegetables and watermelon. I don't usually like brown rice. I thought that it didn't taste good (most healthy food doesn't taste good anyway) and it seems that I'm always hungry when I had brown rice. But, Garden Recipe's fried brown rice's really good. I never thought that brown rice could taste this good.

My friend opt for brown rice noodles with salmon. It looks pretty plain, but it taste good. The broth contains a mild taste of ginger.

Jah opt for Portuguese Fried Rice. It's plating was pretty much like French Fried Rice. I thought that Portuguese Fried Rice had a savory taste.

We had chicken pops for snack/side dishes. It's served with tartar sauce, I think.

G55-AEON Bandaraya Melaka Shopping Centre No.2,
Jalan Lagenda, Taman I-Lagenda 75400 Melaka.
Tel: 062839168

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