Thursday, May 19, 2011

S'more Cupcakes

I wasn't really familiar with S'more. But, when I learned that they were made of crackers, chocolate and marshmallow, I thought it's going to be really good! I mean, it's going to be ooey gooey and chocolaty. How could anyone resist the temptation? But what about S'more cupcakes?

I found this S'more cupcakes recipe from bakerella, and decided to give it a try. I mean, I could always use a new recipe for experimenting. But, let me tell you how messy this cupcake is. Crushing those graham crackers and combining them with brown sugar and melted butter, marshmallow puffing up in your oven and melted and drizzling the chocolate ganache on top. They were all messy.

Is it worth it? Yes. I love the crisp from the cracker, and those ganache (you definitely have to drizzle them on top!). Love the combination! My sister and I fought for the last cupcake! I'd definitely going to try this recipe again, with some alternation, I guess.

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