Friday, June 24, 2011

Ginseng Root & Yok Chok Soup

I bought a packet of Ginseng Root & Yok Chok the other day. I was actually hunting for some ingredients to prepare Samgyetang - Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup.But I thought buying a whole chicken for three people is such a waste. I thought, I should prepare a Ginseng Root & Yok Chok soup instead. 

It was really easy too.

Boil some water and add in the ingredients (Wolfberry, yok chok and ginseng root) and bring to boil (I added in some red dates too!). Then, add in chicken or any other kind of meat to simmer until meat is tender. Add salt to taste. Serve with rice. The soup taste really good too! It has a really mild taste. 

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