Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Edamame & Tagged

I made this editorial page on edamame benefits as part of my final project on my food photography class. I think, a friend shoot the picture, and I edited them.

I was tagged by foodie blogger friend, wan of cooking varieties (tagged by Ambree/ Bridget) and here are the rules- :

The Rules:
1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself in the blog post.
3. Answer the 12 questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them

12 fun facts about me

1. I'm a culinary arts graduate (I think most of you knew this by now).
2. I used to memorized the whole dialogue of Star Wars episode 1, The Phantom Manace (and I still do)
3. I'm a fanfiction writer :) 
4. I've once tried to boil an egg in the microwave, and the egg exploded as I cracked it.
5. I hope that I could make it as a writer one day.
6. I listened to a lot of Japanese songs.
7. I love 'I believe I can fly by R. Kelly'. Because I hope that one day I'll be able to spread my wings.
8. I'm a timid person.
9. I love anime/manga.
10. I love reading. Novels especially. Please visit my other blog about books. lol. I'm not supposed to promote anything in this :p
11. I love learning something new through internet (like cooking, CSS, website programming, etc) :D
12. I love barbecue!


1-Do you really enjoy blogging?
Yes. I do enjoy blogging when I had the time too. Writing had become some kind of therapy to me.

2-Is blogging your # 1 hobby?
Not really. There's cooking and baking, reading and writing stories as well. I couldn't decide which one I like best.

3-How many hours a day do you spend on blogging?
Not sure. I usually blog when I have the time to.

4-Mostly, do you cook or buy ready made food?
Mostly, my mom do all those cooking ;) The perks of living with your parents.

5-Name your favorite flower (one only) and why?
Sakura! Because it's pretty? And I like the philosophy behind Sakura blossom.

6-Name one of your favorite food.
:O Not sure if I have any specific one. But, I love steak :)

7-Do you follow a disciplined diet or just talk only? Diet here does not mean avoid fat/ calories alone, it also means eating healthy food ingredients-
I don't do disciplined diet. I'm not a disciplined person to begin with.

8-What kind of knowledge would you like to expand?
There's various kind of knowledge I would like to expand. Like, ingredients used for cooking, writing, etc.

9-What kind of dream keeps you energized/ motivated?
The kind of dream where there's money involved. I love money. Then again, who doesn't?

10-How do you like your fish done?
I'm not really a fish person. But, I guess, I like them baked or grilled.

11-Give me one tip on cooking - cooking techniques/Food tips etc.
Cooking tips! That's a tough one. I wonder if I have one. Cooking with love will make your food more delicious! :D

12-In your opinion, what is best to eat daily, for good health. Name one food ingredient only and why so.
Daikon, or white radish. I've heard about a white radish diet before. It seems that you could lose some weight with eating white radish everyday. It's healthy obesity diet food, and it's good for your digestion. And there's an old saying that "when radishes come onto the market, nobody will go to the pharmacies." Of course, I think that white radish kimchi taste the best! :)

You're tagged!
1. Hilman Nordin
2. Orang Minyak
3. Aimi
4. Michelle Chew
5. DD

Or, you could tell me if you want me to tag you :)

12 New questions you need to answer!

1. What do you blog about?
2. Name any of your favorite blog page.
3. What's your favorite book? 
4. What about your favorite genre and author?
5. What's your favorite quote?
6. Which one do you prefer? Fast food or hawker/street food?
7. The person who influenced you the most? Your role model.
8. Any tips on how to lose weight?
9. Japanese food or Korean food?
10. Chocolate cake or cheese cake?
11. Name place(s) you want to visit someday
12. What do you do when you're stressed?


  1. Ai-chan, I finished the tagged questions: http://michellechewwrites.blogspot.com/2012/03/tagged-mini-interview.html :)

    1. That was fast!
      Thank you for answering :)

    2. Oh, and you are already a writer!!! fanfic writer! :)

  2. hi nash, wow that's interesting, glad to know you better, never expect your aspirations to become a writer- best of luck to you in this.
    energized when there's monetary reward- means busines minded, not greedy. ha ha
    have a nice day

    1. Hello Wan!
      Thank you. Have a nice day to you too ^^

  3. Nice blog. You might be interested in a post I did on my current favorite kitchen utensil - a jar key. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/useful-kitchen-gadget-jar-key.html

  4. Hi, nice post..:) I's great to know some things about you..:)



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