Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Experimenting: More Macarons

I have lost my counts on how many attempts I made for macarons. I have tried various of recipes and techniques featured in blogs, magazine and books. If you read my previous post, Experimenting: Macarons and Experimenting: Macaron 2, (well, those are two of my early attempts to make Macarons) you would know that I didn't succeed in my first try.

There were recipes that turned out to be sweet and not so sweet. There were recipes that require me to make sugar syrup. There were recipes that require me to preheat the oven in high heat, and reduce the temperature once the macarons tray went into the oven. And there were this baking technique where I was supposed to put a wooden spoon to ensure that the oven wasn't properly shut.

But most of my experiments weren't so successful. I burnt some of my macarons and some of them sunk. And all I wanted was for my macarons to have that glossy, smooth surface and for them to have those feet. Those ruffles feet.

When I failed, some of those macarons ended up in the dumpster because they were not edible. Sometimes I gave them away to a friend because she didn't mind how it looked like. But every time something went wrong with my macarons, I was more determined to try them again and again. 

After countless of attempts, my macarons finally looked like this. Almost smooth surface and ruffles feet. I was really, really happy when I saw those ruffles feet. I decided to draw some smiley and funny faces (find that troll face my little sister drew for me!) on the surface with edible ink pen. But of course, I need to practice more to ensure that they have the standard size... And I hope that someday, they would turn out to be perfect! 

Oh well...

Wish me luck!


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