Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yogurt with Honey and Kiwi

I once read an article that frozen fruits are good for your digestion as it will force you to take a small bite at a time. My favorite would be strawberry. Frozen strawberry tasted like ice cream. And sometimes, I like to keep any extra fruits in the freezer to prevent them from spoilage.

I had a couple of frozen kiwi stored in the refrigerator and decided to mix them with Yogurt and Honey. I’ve seen my friends preparing them during an exam back in culinary school (And my lecturers love them!). This dish is a simple and refreshing dessert that you can prepare on any dessert emergency occasions.

Yogurt with Honey and Kiwi

1 cup plain yogurt
2tbsp honey
1 frozen kiwi (or any of your favorite fruit) – cut into dice

  1. Mix yogurt and honey together.
  2. Add in a layer of frozen kiwi in an individual serving cup or bowl. 
  3. Then, topped with yogurt and honey mixture.
  4. Sprinkle yogurt with more frozen kiwi. Refrigerate for an hour and serve.
  5. Or you may keep the yogurt in the freezer and have them as frozen yogurt. Anyway you like :) 


  1. hi nash, this is just nice, where the weather is so hot in the daytime.

    1. Hello wan!
      Yes, this yogurt with honey is good to have in hot weather :)



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