Saturday, July 28, 2012

My American Burger Dream #1

I'm a fan of the American food reality TV show, Man v. Food where food enthusiast, Adam Richman explores big food offerings from different American city. What always amuse me was the burger! The size and portion. And how delicious Adam Richman made it looks like. It gives me the illumination of how tasty American burgers are. The illumination that that is how burger should look like. Big! With lots and lots of toppings! I want that. So, I decided to start my own American Burger Dream to make a perfect burger from learning through the show, and various recipes. And here's my first attempt.

I sort of wanting this burger to be healthy. So I made everything from scratch. And that includes the burger bun! I started the burger with pan frying (since I don't have a grill) the burger.

Then, I dipped the burger into beef broth for a short while. I thought it could make the meat a bit juicier. Although, I'm not sure if that helps much. lol

Take the burger back into the pan, and topped them with brown onions (I sauteed them for a while) and red chilies to make them a bit, spicier.

Then, top them with a slice of cheese. (I used cheddar!)

And cover them with a small bowl to steam them. To make the cheese melt a little bit. Then, count to five. Steaming the cheese any longer will totally melt the cheese, and well... your cheese will kind of disappeared. Trust me, I've tried.

Here's what it looks like when the cheese melted. Then, I topped them with coleslaw. 

And here's how it looks like after a first (or a few) bites. There's some home made fries and more coleslaw as the side dishes. The burger was a bit too big (or too tall) for me, and it's hurt to open my mouth and eat them. The taste wasn't so good though... But, I'll keep trying to perfect them later.


  1. Hi nash, i came last night, but this comment box did not appear- was my broadband, a bit slow that time.

    i have not been eating burger for a long time-cos the "beef burger filling" is "process and preservative added" -
    if you come up wit healthy burger recipes- wow! they are most welcome- love your effort and innovative ways

  2. Thank you Wan!
    I'm reading a bit of burger recipes from here and there. Hope I find one that I like soon :)

  3. That looks awesome, and its great to make everything from scratch :)

    1. Thank you Ambreen :) I'd like to try and make everything from scratch. It's fun!



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