Monday, April 7, 2014

Melon Salad

The first time I've heard about this melon salad was during my diploma. I have to look for a few dishes from South Africa and this melon salad was one of the recipes for their dessert. They were easy to make and absolute refreshing treat to have during summer. The original recipe I found in the internet years ago contains some alcoholic drinks. But I'm not drinking. So I've altered the recipe a bit to my liking and convenience.

To make this melon salad, you need is a few types of melons. Watermelon and honeydew are two of my favorite melon to use. But you can always use the yellow melon, rock melon, sunlady melon, any melon that you like. 

The fun part was to scoop the melon with a melon baller. Then you will need some mint leaves, lemon juice (or orange, or lime) and just a little bit of plain syrup (or mint syrup). Toss the ingredients together and there... You have it. Store them in a container for a night before consuming for a better result.

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