Monday, February 17, 2014

Fried Gouda

I love cheese. I love dishes with ooey gooey, melt in your mouth cheese dish like grilled cheese or baked pasta with cheese, or lasagna. I haven't had experience with a lot of cheese. In fact, I usually use cheddar, mozzarella, Parmesan, mascarpone and cream cheese. I've never used or taste any cheese other than that. But after watching lots episode of How I Met Your Mother, my sister and I have taken a lot of interest on Gouda, thanks to Marshall Eriksen. Then, my boss gave me a packet of Gouda and advised to grate the cheese on pasta. 

I wasn't that thrilled to use them with pasta. I googled for a few recipes and found some recipe of Beer and Gouda soup. The problem is that, I don't eat or drink anything contains alcohol, and I cannot imagine how Gouda soup will taste like. Then I thought, why don't I just slice the cheese and deep fry them?

So I googled to check whether Gouda is suitable for deep frying and found a recipe on Czech Fried Cheese Recipe - Syr Smazeny and Gouda is suitable for deep frying!

Fried Gouda

1-inch-thick slices of Gouda
Black pepper or any other spices, herbs
Salt to taste
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 large beaten eggs
1/2 cup bread crumbs or panko, or nestum
Oil or shortening for frying
  1. Sprinkle cheese with salt, black pepper and any other spices or herbs you like. Dredge slices in flour, then in beaten egg, and finally in bread crumbs. I didn't have bread crumbs with me, so I used nestum instead.
  2. Fry quickly in hot oil or shortening until golden brown. Sprinkle with pepper or drizzled gochujang on top for a more spicy flavor. Serve immediately.
This fried cheese is best to consume immediately so that you can experience that hot and melting cheese in your mouth. But be careful of the hot ooey gooey melting cheese.

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