Monday, August 9, 2010

Experimenting: Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow

The last time we went back to JB, my aunt mentioned that she saw someone selling marshmallow dipped with chocolate. My mother thought I should try and experimenting them. So, I browse through my recipe book, and find a recipe of marshmallow. 

The recipe was quite easy, but the cutting and dipping process was quite messy!

Waiting for the marshmallow to set! Isn't it beautiful?

So, I was supposed to drag those marshmallow onto the cornstarch/confectioners sugar mixture, but, yeah, it was so sticky, and look what happened to it! Folded!

Lets take a closer look! Yummy!

The marshmallow was cut, and dragged onto the confectioners sugar/cornstarch mixture. 

Marshmallow on stick! Ready to be dip.

And... The final product! It was fun making these, although the process was quite messy! I should revise the recipe again sometimes, as this one was quite sweet!

I had a few more marshmallows, and decided to add it all into the hot chocolate. It dissolve quickly, that it didn't even looked like marshmallow anymore. lol


  1. SEDAPNYA!! sapa yang makan mashmallow byk2 tu??

  2. Giveaway? Bg kat makcik kte yg bg idea tu., pastu, sesape yg dtg umah, dpt la. ni ada lg. nak ke? :D

  3. wah. generous!!! nak jugak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

  4. Next batch kte bg miu eh? yg ni manis sgt. Don't think you'll like it :)



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