Friday, March 4, 2011

Eating Out: Kindori Ice Cream

We went to Kindori in Sunway Pyramid last week. Kindori Ice Cream used real fruits, and the ice cream will be prepared on the spot! How cool is that!? Kindori Ice Cream is promoting great-tasting, natural and healthy ice cream. I love the fact that their ice cream is less sweetened than other ice creams.

According to the website, the fruits are 'blast-frozen' and blended with a secret fresh milk base. So, instead of choosing the ice cream on the counter (like many other ice cream), you got to choose fruits instead!

I choose cherry flavor. They were a bit sour. My friends choose chocolate and some other berry. The chocolate flavor was really, really good! The wafer was good too!

Outlet Location
1) 3rd Floor, Berjaya Times Square,
2) LG1.106, Sunway Pyramid

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