Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pastillage: Pink Chocolate Box

Jah ordered this pink pastillage box. She originally wanted this box to be filled with 12 cupcakes. But decided it was too expensive (the box would be really, really big!). So, she decided to fill the box with chocolate instead. This box measurement are 17cm x 15cm x 4cm. The lids and base are 20cm x 18cm. I measured them using a chocolate box.

The last time I made a turquoise box, my friend Qila said it would be better if it were in pink. So, this time, Jah ordered a pink box! She wanted me to write 'congratz' on top of the box. After all, this box would be presented to congratulate someone.

Anyway, I got some extra pastillage dough left! So, I decided to play around and make this small box. The base and lid were made using a cookie cutter!

My brother thought my roses looks cartoon-ish. They were ribbon roses which I learned from youtube, and I was too lazy to make the petals. I was quite happy with how they turned out too. What do you think? Am I getting better in this?


  1. I like your boxes, how much do you sell them? How do you glue the pieces?

  2. Hi Jun's!
    The boxes' price are according to the size. The pink boxes were RM60, without the chocolates.
    I glued them using royal icing. :)



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