Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Culinary Moment #2: Underpaid in F&B Line

The thing that most culinary students (like me) would think about working in F&B line is that, it's glamorous. Most celebrity chefs that we saw in TV deceived us to think that F&B world would be glamorous (Not that I choose to study culinary arts for the glamour).

But let’s face it. The F&B world isn’t as glamorous at all (unless you end up as a celebrity chef). The working hour is terrible; the environment is awful and the pay isn’t that much. Then, there were times where you get to be treated like shit by your customers and supervisors.

The thing is, no matter what’s your academic qualification, whether you graduated from school with your diploma or degree or high school you would still have to start off from the bottom and the salary didn’t differ much no matter how high your academic qualification is. After you received your diploma and degree, you would expect to work with something that pays you better. Perhaps that is why most of my friends end up working out of F&B line. Or some end up as a lecturer.

I think, to work in the F&B line, you would have to have a lot of passions. You have to love it really much that you wouldn’t mind all that crappy pay and working hours. So, if anyone wanted to study something related with F&B line, I would ask them if they would stand the working hour and payment even though your academic qualification is high. If they do, well... good luck! It's a jungle out there :)

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