Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pai Tee (Top Hats) Skin

My mother been saying that I haven't made Pai Tee for a while. Pai Tee is a delicious dish crispy shell shaped like top hat, with usually savory ingredients inside. They makes great hors d'ourves. These days I've seen variations of Pai Tee. Some of them used salads to stuff in the shell. Making Pai Tee, however was quite tricky. The frying process is quite time consuming. The recipe I've always had requires some flour, and corn flour. My mother thought that the shell isn't that good. I browse on the internet and noticed that many were using the combination of flour and corn flour. So, I combined those two  recipe for a tryout.

Pai Tee Skin

100g flour
1tbsp rice flour
2tbsp corn flour
1# egg
180ml water/milk

1. Heat the pot over medium fire. You need a deep pot with plenty of oil for deep frying. Make sure the Pai Tee mold could be covered in oil while frying.

2. Mix well all ingredients in a bowl.

3. Heat your mold in the oil for 2 minutes.

4. Dip the mold into the batter, make sure that the batter cover the sides of mold and the batter isn't too thick.

5. Slowly dip the batter coated mold into the hot oil. The Pai Tee skin will separate itself from the mold. If it didn't separate, you may use a toothpick to separate them.

6. Fry them for a bit more until they're golden.


  1. sedap gila. tp sgt leceh nk buat T_T

  2. Yeap. ada jual kulit yg da siap. tp tatau kat ne :P kte buat pun pasal ada mold kat umah. zaman bila tah mak beli?

  3. fuh. x sangka mak ada acuan tu. dulu intan pernah buat kn kt penang. time kelas miss anida rasanya? yg sedap gile tu :P

  4. Haah.. ari tu buat kat penang :D sume pun excited nak tgk



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