Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pink Pastillage Box

I made another pastillage box this week for an engagement. My friend requested pink for the theme. I actually wanted to make some roses, but my roses didn't turn out well (I need to practice a little bit more), so I settled for this flower. I'm not sure what it is though. Does it looks like carnation?

 I was planning to arrange the flower into three tiers--pink, orange and white. But it was a bit too tall for the box. I omitted the pink layer and settled for orange and white.

It was raining for days when I made this box. The humidity doesn't help me to dry the sugar box. It was really hard to assemble the box when it wasn't dried properly. I broke some of the pieces because it wasn't dried enough when I handled it. Anyway... this is how the box looks like from the top. I thought the lid was a bit too plain. I decided to glue some orange tiny flower. 

My friend texted me the picture of the box on top of the 'hantaran' tray. This is how the box looks like from the side. What do you think?



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